Tuesday, March 14, 2017

We had a couple of warm days making us think it was time to work in the garden...

and then we had a very cold camping trip, but luckily had a cabin with a wood stove. Ben and Clem loved playing in the snow and climbing huge rocks. Immune to the cold!

Pinewood Derby was extra fun this year, since we had the track set up in our shop for a few days while we fixed some of the rough areas.

During winter break, we visited an indoor place that had a water park, arcade, and climbing course. Frankie had fun on a climbing course while Ben and Milo loved the mining game. Milo was not a fan of the swimming pool (too crowded with too many water spraying and splashing features).



All winter, the kids have been cranking out art projects. I wonder if this will slow down once they are able to spend more time outside this spring and summer? Frankie works in many different styles!

Ben has been pressuring us to get another dog.

Really cool treehouse Ben made in wood shop class.