Monday, March 21, 2016

Weekend trip to Maine and New Hampshire

 Uncle John and Aunt Barb invited us up to Maine for the weekend. What fun! Not much snow around but we hiked, built a campfire, played in a treehouse and a hot tub and on a trampoline. To top it all off, we visited a real dog sled team that took us for a ride. The had a "sled" on wheels!

 This is "Baby", the cutest sled dog in the world.

Ben's favorite was "Blue".

I think we'll visit Blue again soon...With that hat, I think the sled dogs though Ben was a dog too.

Slow-motion trampoline!

Wacky Warm Days

The weather has been wacky, one day warm and the next day cold. Well, on a warm day we took the Velocette and sidecar for a spin...

Milo the Monkey

He loves to climb!

Giant Baby Demolishes Race Cars!

We had some fun with slow-motion video. It makes Milo look like a lumbering giant!