Saturday, September 27, 2014

West Coast Road Trip part 8: Santa Barbara

Santa Barbara is certainly a beautiful city. We enjoyed hanging out on the pier and visiting our friends Missi and Brian. So many Ohio transplants out in California!

West Coast Road Trip part 7: Driving the California coast

Driving down Route 1 with cliffs and the Pacific on one side and steep hills and mountains on the other was definitely the best drive of the trip...though could've been a lot better in a roadster rather than a minivan! So much to see along the way. We even spotted 5 or 6 pacific Gray whales just offshore, so Ben got out his whale toys to stop and watch them. Soon after that, we saw elephant seals basking on the beach. It was a long day of driving, so we stopped at beach to let the kids roam around. Then Frankie was taken down by a rogue wave! She just took off her wet clothes and went back for more.

West Coast Road Trip part 6: Monterey

Monterey has the most awesome aquarium! And the hotel had a fire pit with smores!