Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Drumlin Farm on a sunny Thursday afternoon

Ben and Clement went to Drumlin Farm this afternoon. It was such a perfect day, and Ben seemed to love the farm.

Ben and Clem giving high fives:

The boys sweep up the pig barn:

Ben weighed in as a 'piglet.'

Fake Easter

Ben and I dyed some Easter eggs last week.

Then, for some reason, Tony and I both thought it was Easter. We did a big egg hunt in the yard. The neighbors must think we're nutso. We'll just call it a practice run and do it all again in a couple more weeks.

Finally in the garden again

Spring has FINALLY sprung in Boston. We started the seedlings a few weeks ago.

Ben really likes watering plants.

Decordova Sculpture Garden

Playing the big xylophone:

Ben seemed to be an art skeptic at first:

Arfer liked this sculpture a lot:

We zoomed through the inside of the museum.