Sunday, September 20, 2009


Stef and I went for a ride out to the Dairy Joy:

Ben at Brimfield

Ben enjoying the antiques:

Posters for Ben's room:

Our new dining room table:

Decordova Sculpture Garden

Ben and Clement's weekly adventure:

Friday, September 4, 2009

Ben's new favorite shirt

more old stuff finds new home

the machines have found a new home

ben thinks the '48 needs a hood ornament

those cabinets shouldn't take long to not at all...

cabinets installed...still awaiting doors

hmm what could be the delay with the cabinet doors?

rescued soapstone sink for workshop bathroom

stripped and sanded some pretty tough old paint to get down to the stone

looking good with a coat of oil and newly-made steel base, still waiting for stainless backsplash and second faucet

A trip to Walden Pond

Stef and the boys enjoying our picnic:

A carseat view of nature:

Hey, Thoreau, check this: