Monday, January 17, 2011

Ben and Leonardo's snowy adventures

We got A LOT of snow in the last week. Now that Ben's buddy Leonardo is back from Switzerland, we decided to enjoy the elements. We went for a nice walk on the golf course one day, and then took the boys for a walk with their pull sleds the next.

There was actually too much snow to sled successfully-- they kept tipping over and getting stuck in our footprints-- so the boys weren't so happy about it.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Sledding adventures

Ben got a new sled for Christmas. Then we got 15 inches of snow. That worked out.

Tony built a ramp from the top of the veggie beds into the yard. Exhilarating!

Happy New Year's Late Afternoon!

It's become a lovely post-baby tradition for us to spend New Year's eve with Ben's buddy Clement and our great friends John and Stef. Everyone is home and ready for bed by 8.

The boys decided to bring in 2011 with some serious housecleaning.

And cracker-eating.

Christmas, squared

Ben got to enjoy several iterations of Christmas this year. At first, he seemed unimpressed, but by the end he really got into the holiday swing of things!

First, we celebrated at home a few days early.

Then, we were off to Ohio, where Ben got to see his friends Maya and Livi. Ben thought they were very awesome.

Ben enjoyed the Ohio snow. He especially liked gathering some on his shoes and then kicking it off against the brick wall. Over and over.

"Hey Uncle Rick, you're in my favorite present-opening chair."

en was crowned prince of Christmas and bestowed a plentitude of spoils.

The clear winner was a Mickey Mouse Firetruck. We will have the siren song stuck in our heads for the indefinite future.
Ben got the hang of present unwrapping once it became clear that there was a purpose to all that paper-ripping labor.

Ben's grandma made her gnocchi for Christmas dinner, which were like lovely clouds. Yum!

Tony and Rick helped.

A Christmas feast! Ben asked to get down from the table after thirty seconds to go back to playing with the Mickey Mouse Firetruck, but the rest of us did some serious eating.