Sunday, June 27, 2010

Weekend in Vermont

We went up to Vermont for the weekend for my 15th year reunion at Mountain School. Ben loved the farm!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Spy Pond

Baby play group went to Spy Pond a couple weeks ago, and Ben enjoyed picnicing and playgrounding with his buddies.

Ben showing Clement his foot:

Ambivalent playing:

They called each other on their toy phones in the morning to coordinate their outfits.

The boys waded in the pond.

Ben's pants did not survive the splashing.

Our vegetable garden

I've always loved having a vegetable garden, so at the firehouse I decided to go all out... We got some great raised cedar garden beds for our side yard. The parts arrived on a palette and had to be assembled. They went together pretty easily (with no tools!).

We have four beds, each 3' by 12', plenty of real estate for planting.

The beds are at a pretty good height for Ben to practice standing, as an added bonus.

We had six cubic yards of dirt delivered, and spent a couple of hot days shoveling it into the beds. Thanks to Tony's parents for all the manual labor during their visit!

We shoveled A LOT of dirt.

Our lovely vegetables are growing really well. How's that for local produce??
Now if I can just teach Ben to pull the weeds up but not the brussel sprouts, we'll be all set!